We are extremely grateful for the advice and support our advisors give us at Mannequino. They are:

Celia and Edward Atkin CBE

Celia and Edward were the owners of the baby products company AVENT, before selling it to Philips.

Wayne Hemingway 

With Gerardine his wife, Wayne built Red or Dead into a label that received global acclaim resulting in winning the prestigious British Fashion Council’s Streetstyle Designer of the Year Award for an unprecedented 3 consecutive years in 1996, 1997 and 1998. After 21 consecutive seasons on the catwalk at London Fashion Week, Wayne and Gerardine sold Red or Dead in a multi million cash sale. In 1999, having sold Red or Dead they set up HemingwayDesign, which specializes in affordable and social design. The highest profile project is, The Staiths South Bank, a 800 property mass market housing project on Tyneside for Taylor Wimpey Homes where HemingwayDesign a multi disciplinary design agency led by two generations of the Hemingway family and a wider team of talented designers.

Rai Virciglio

Rai is the former manufacturing Director at Avent Philips, now Director at A.R.C.C. innovations at Pampisford, Cambridge. Rai is an expert in manufacturing products and production systems.