“The Mannequinos look amazing- our visual team was loving them and was especially impressed with the fit for women’s jeans. The forms totally made the displays come to life”

Kevin McKenna, Senior Director, Wholesale Brand Environment at Levi’s


“Everyone loves the Mannequino!” 

Sunday Rylander, Senior Manager, Global Visual Merchandising at Patagonia


“The feedback has been superb. 1st class service! The Mannequino are a dream to work with!”

Charlie Powell, Global Windows & POS Manager at Ben Sherman


“Great to work with you! As always the service was excellent.”

Ian Gibson, Global Head of Visual Merchandising at Ben Sherman


“They really are the ultimate when travelling to shows.”

Angela Sherriff, Director at BJ Sherriff


“I came across Mannequino through last years’ Best of Britannia exhibition. We were lucky enough to be able to rent them for our stand. I loved them so much I bought them! They are fabulously light, convenient way of displaying my garments and the effect they produce at night in my showroom, and my window display, is incredible! Mannequino rules!”

Susannah Hall, owner at Susannah Hall Tailors


“I haven’t been this excited about a new product since a very long time! It is a rare moment coming across a truly original and innovative product that is the Mannequino.”

Laurian Davies, UK Fashion and Textile organisation


The TJacket used the Mannequino for our exhibition in the 44th Autism Society Conference in Pittsburg, 2013. The Mannequino is light weight, collapsible for easy carry and not forgetting to mention it brings out the TJacket beautifully.

Roger Tan, Mytjacket.com


The Mannequina literally lights up my brand. They are lovely, beautiful, pieces of art that compliment my designs.

Bianca Elgar, Fashion designer, BIANCA ELGAR


We took three Mannequinos to the Best of British Showcase in Saudi Arabia in March 2013.  They were light and fitted in my suitcase, well within the weight limit.
It took myself and my colleagues minutes to assemble.  The intuitive way Mannequinos have been designed meant even newbies could assemble it with minimal guidance just by looking at the shapes and notches.  Their light weight allowed us to suspend the garments easily. 
I would definitely use them again for future showcases.

Lilia Yip, Fashion designer & senior fashion lecturer University of Brighton, Liliayip.com


“Using Mannequino means it costs less for me to show more, and they enhance my brand perception to buyers which wins essential attention from them” 

Bernice pan, Fashion designer and founder of Deploy workshop


Mannequino is a step in the right direction in making mannequins a sustainably produced product which should be championed by retailers.

Sam Eastwood, centre director at Queensgate Shopping Centre