“The Mannequinos look amazing- our visual team was loving them and was especially impressed with the fit for women’s jeans. The forms totally made the displays come to life”

Kevin McKenna, Senior Director, Wholesale Brand Environment at Levi’s

The Mannequino is an ultra lightweight and compact modular pop-up mannequin system.

The patented design is a technologically and environmentally smart, durable modular visual merchandising system, intuitive to assemble in minutes and disassemble in seconds. It can hang easily or be free standing depending on the components used in the system. The Mannequino packs completely flat (it comes in its own case that is one 73cm x 36cm x 1cm) so it can be delivered globally in volume on a next day delivery Worldwide at a fraction of the cost and burden of using traditional mannequins.

This clever closed loop manufacturable concept can create a 90% reduction in logistics costs using the Mannequino shells in volume around the World and by 50% reduction when used with its stand and internal support and lighting system.

Due to its closed loop engineered design, its non-toxic recyclable panels are designed to be replaced individually at low cost, as opposed to the painful ongoing running costs of traditional glass fibre resin mannequins.

It has a contemporary design led aesthetic that looks modern and timeless.

It can house a smart internal LED lighting system remotely controlled by a smart mobile device, giving you an amazing array of colours and intensities under Mannequino’s skin which can also sync to music using Apps on the smart phone or tablet, creating highly desirable visual effects perfect for window displays, product launches, trade shows or in-store displays.

Mannequino’s key benefits have been fully field tested in roll outs by PatagoniaPumaBen Sherman Globally, Muji for their European stores, Cycle Surgery and other Cotswolds Outdoor brands for their UK stores. They have been used by Canada Goose for their product launches at Selfridges, London and at Colette, Paris and across Germany and Strellson have used the system lit up for the launch of their Autumn Winter range in St. Petersburg

What are the benefits?

1. Ultra Portable, become Dynamic and Agile

Are you looking for agile, reactive and fully tested shop display solutions to be used nationally and internationally to get that extra edge to enhance your product offering, then the Mannequino is the ultimate display system for your 21st century needs.

The Mannequino system is ULTRA PORTABLE and CONVENIENT, saving your marketing budget for those critically important creative touches that enhance your Brand image and reputation by massively reducing your airfreight costs and time needed for shipping out for your global demands, whether they are for your roll out requirements, trade shows or new product launch event you are planning.

The Mannequino can do this because it packs flat in transit and is extremely lightweight, costing a fraction to ship it where you need it anywhere in the World FAST compared to a traditional mannequin proposition.

It also lights up internally, can turn into any RGB colour, giving you a unique visual flair using colour effects, cycles and intensities which can all sync to music using LED technology and simple and amazing Apps using your smartphone.

It really has to be seen to be believed. Book an appointment to see it in our showroom here.

2. Improved logistics planning, speed of execution and cost reduction of looking amazing on a global setting

Are you a brand, retailer, or in visual merchandising working for retail brands?

Because the Mannequino shell is so light weight (the short capped bust weighs just 400 grams!) You can use them to easily hang your collections in windows, in store, against walls or hanging from the ceiling in what normally would have been dead visual merchandising space due to hanging constraints.

The Mannequino used by Canada Goose at Selfridges, London.


The Mannequino used by OfficeTwelve at the new Watford FC retail store at Vicarage Road.1024-730px

The Mannequino used by Puma in Istanbul; Berlin; Herzogenaurach; Milan; Paris; New York; Boston; Philadelphia; Hong Kong; Shanghai; Beijing; and Osaka.

Canada Goose on the Mannequino used at Colette in Paris.

This allows you to showcase more of your collections on busts, in windows or in store, giving your customers a much more seamless transition from browsing online, then coming in store to purchase items and outfits your customers have seen on your website.


The Mannequino used at the Best of Britannia show in London.

The Mannequino will have a profound impact on your logistics planning, speed of execution and costs if you own many stores nationally or internationally. Imagine what you save in shipping costs if you want to implement a global scheme and in store visual merchandising to have a specific “look” globally. For the first time get your display busts delivered next working day to the US or the EU, or within 2-3 days Worldwide and create the look in all your stores without the massive allowance in expense and time for specifying and shipping mannequins.

If you are a department store, the Mannequino will save you money on expensive mannequins supplied by sub contractors, expensive on site storage space, expensive retail and work space rent and rates, allowing you to be back in control of your visual merchandising needs, and create more space for your stock.

If you change your window displays and the number of mannequins in them regularly and you find it a pain to keep having to to find room in your stock room, store room or in store for them, then Mannequino is what you have been waiting for. When you don’t need the Mannequino shells in your windows anymore they pack flat take no space and in fact you can fit 500, as a 3 pack in their very own case safe in a cubic metre.

The magic of Mannequino is that it has turned a very static, inflexible display item into an extremely dynamic, flexible item for your VM team to use, move around, chop and change at will maximising their creative energy, maximising the impact and results you want to achieve with your merchandise.

The Mannequino used by Regatta.

Register your interest here and we’ll get back to you to find out how to maximise your visual opportunities.

3. Look different with every visual detail

The Mannequino as a system will enhance your brand perception and make garments or products adorned on the body stand out to maximise their sales at trade shows, in-store and in windows. It does this by providing you with a display bust that has a contemporary modern aesthetic coupled with the choice to be internally lit, the system maximises a company’s brand projection lit up in windows, on the shop floor, at an event, product launch, trade show or buying meeting.

The Mannequino used by Canada Goose at Selfridges, London.


The Mannequino rolled out in 12 PUMA windows globally.

PageLines- Cycle-surgery-2015.jpg

The Mannequino rolled out in  23 stores in the UK by Cycle Surgery.


The Mannequino used at Pentland HQ in London.

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