What are Mannequino features?

Lightweight bust weighs less than half a kilo making it super portable and convenient to take anywhere.

1,500 Mannequinos can fit into only 1 cubic metre of space (parts stacked together, no cases, or 500 Mannequinos as a 3 pack in their cases).

Flat packs, minimising shipping costs, allowing you to move your Mannequino around the World many times over its life cycle to maximise sales and opportunities at minimum cost and effort without having to dispose of it due to strategy/store changes.

Can be internally lit to maximise visual merchandising options.

Proven easy, Intuitive and fast assembly and disassembly.

Durable – they don’t break or chip when dropped on a hard floor, tear resistant and chip resistant above 5ºC.

Damaged parts easy to replace with an interchangeable new part, no need to buy a whole new bust when only one part is damaged.

It is 100% recyclable, designed with closed loop manufacturing in mind and a sustainable alternative to fibre glass busts.

It is 100% non-toxic and doesn’t leach chemicals onto garments or products and when it burns it doesn’t release any toxic and life threatening fumes unlike other mannequins on the market.

It holds its form with 2kg of garments or products on its own or up to 5kg of clothing when it is on its stainless steel stand or hanging with its support frame.

Hangs easily using steel wire with pre cut holes to hang from, or by using its mini and large internal support frame.

A modular system, invest in a shell today and as your needs grow, opt into the other system components to make the shell light up internally and become free standing.