Key Features of the Mannequino

Elevate Your Brand

Elevate your garments and brand with our unique design led aesthetic. Put the spotlight on your products by using a Mannequino, our near invisible and passive forms leave all the attention on the garments.

Dynamic Merchandising Possibilities

Mannequino is a highly versatile, modular, lightweight system, and can be lit internally, allowing high visibility. The lightweight forms create a totally new approach to displaying stock and transporting marketing campaigns internationally

Ultra Portable

Our display busts cost a fraction of the money to courier Worldwide compared to standard busts, and if you want to move your display stock to different locations for operational developments, with the Mannequino, you can.

Space-saving For Premium Real Estate 

Because the Mannequino disassembles (in seconds) to a super compact size in its own carry case you can store it away without needing to sacrifice valuable stockroom and shop floor space as your shop requirements change during the seasons.

Easier Global Campaign Co-ordination

Make the execution of your global campaigns operationally faster, easier to implement, impact conscious and super cost effective logistically.